If you received a Payment Violation at a toll lane for being unable to pay your toll at the toll booth, you can look-up your Payment Violation here and pay online using a credit card. To find your receipt, please enter the required fields: Sequence Number, Lane Name, Last Digit in the Barcode and Date. If you are unsure what to enter for each field, click the help button below to see a sample receipt with required information highlighted.
Optionally, you can enter your email address if you wish to receive an email copy of your receipt.
After entering the required information, select the “Verify Payment Violation” button and if the corresponding transaction is found, you will be prompted to continue with payment. Upon completion of payment you will have the option to save or print your receipt.
If you have any issues or questions, please contact our customer service team at: customerservice@cobequidpass.com.

1. Seq. Number
2. Lane Name
3. Barcode Last Digit
4. Date
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5. Email Address
6. Bar Code
Receipt Sample: